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What to purchase your Coton Puppy

















So many options and one of the most asked questions from adoptive families!  What do we purchase, what are your favorite items?  Here is the list, and below, to make things as simple as possible, is our Amazon shop for you to order all your puppy gear, and set up your puppy pen with litter box !


Shopping List

Food   With all the many choices and info available today, we have researched the best of the best and stand behind one brand, PawTree.  This brand is what we feed our dogs and the improvements in their coats and health was astonishing!  Your puppy is eating this food in our homes and we want you  to purchase this EXACT food so your puppy has a smooth transition.  At their young age it is imperative not to switch their foods as it can cause digestive upset.  we encourage you to order yours before your baby arrives.  It is ordered through us. 
Be sure to inquire with Anita for the formula your litter has been eating, and set up the autoship.  Remember, all puppies that are on auto-ship and remain on this food are eligible for our 5 year health guarantee!

Food Dishes  Any type will work---but to avoid messes we recommend the no-tipable ceramic types. 


Potty  Options

We use a litter box  with pee pads.  The puppies have all learned there is a place to go and makes for an easy transition while housetraining.  If you set up a puppy area with an exercise pen and either litter box or pee pads, you will have a great place for puppy to live during house training.  Our puppies are so easy to transition to outdoor pottying because they already know to go in a particular place.


Exercise Pen

We set up a puppy area with either pee pads or litter box, food dishes and bed/crate.


Puppy needs his den to feel safe and secure, for resting.  Place your puppy's crate inside the play yard so it has access to its bed, food and potty while you are away.  This is an important aspect of training your dog, and really makes it so much simpler. 

You will need a transition crate before your pup is ready for this size,  or you can block off the back half with a box or pillow until they grow into it.  If your pup is being shipped, it will arrive in a transitional sized crate that you can use while its still small :)

Another option for the home is the Wire Crate.  We recommend purchasing the covers for them, to create the Den environment for your dog.  Or cover it with a blanket.



Canned Plain Pumpkin & Gerber Meat Sticks ( Baby Food Isle)
A GREAT natural remedy for tummy upset.  The meat sticks are to entice puppy to eat and avoid blood sugar dips after flights or long car rides on delivery days.

Nutri-cal Calorie Supplement
This is a must have to keep on hand for low blood sugar or times puppy doesn't seem to be eating

Chew Toys and Stuffed Animals
Your puppy is cutting teeth and loves to chew....on everything!!  Kongs, Cow Hooves and Bully Sticks, & anything from Petstages are all excellent choices.  Be sure to grab a few so puppy doesn't get bored!

The treats and toys from PawTree are also excellent choices!


Bitter Apple Spray
Spray anything your don't want puppy to chew on, it really works!

Snuggle Puppy
Helps to eliminate separation anxiety for the first few nights!

Collars and Leashes and Tags
We love the harness style collars for taking walks, they don't pull on the throat of the puppies.
Don't forget the name tag---micro chipping only works if the dog is scanned, the tag can be a life saver!

Brushes, Combs and Shampoo

We use the little slicker brushes and a flea comb to comb away eye debris!  Daily brushing will keep your pup in tip top shape.  Tropiclean shampoos smell divine!


Training Books--- Don't forget your Coton book!  They are a great way to learn about your breed!

 Puppy Kindergarten
This is what makes puppy a GREAT family pet, loved by all.  Don't forget to do this important part of bringing home your puppy!!!

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