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Frequently Asked Questions

As you have browsed through our website, you probably have a few questions!  Here are answers to many of our most received questions!



Where are you located?

We are located in Spokane WA


How do you begin the process of adopting a puppy from you?

The best way to start the process of adoption is to send us an email.  Once you feel ready to join the waiting list, we have an adoption application on our site that you can submit.  Once approved for the waiting list, a deposit will reserve your place (or puppy)


How long is your waiting list?

Typically, our waiting list is out for about 6 months.  Occasionally, we will be available sooner if families decide to wait longer for a puppy.


How much do your puppies cost?

Contact us for current pricing.

We do not offer puppy breeding contracts, except for approved home-breeders like ourselves.  For breeding contracts, please inquire about pricing. 

Deposits are $400.00; the balance is due on delivery.


How do you raise your puppies?

Our puppies are spoiled and doted on from day one. They are born in our bedroom and raised in the middle of the living room, where they have access to all the happenings of our home. Our puppies are trained to use a litter box or pee pads, receive age-appropriate shots, and are dewormed according to our veterinarian's schedule.


Our adults are our family pets and run free, underfoot and enjoy rich full lives.   We are a very small, professional breeder.  We choose to stay small so our dogs are pets first and foremost.


Are you a kennel or puppy mill?

We are a small home breeder---two friends that are neighbors and work together.  Our dogs live in the lap of luxury and are our family pets first and foremost.  We have purposefully chosen to remain small, home breeders as we do not believe in raising dogs in a kennel environment.  Puppy Mill?  Most certainly NOT.   Puppy mills are a puppy factory of sorts, in which dogs live in deplorable living conditions with no quality of life.   Our dogs are family pets.  We don't even have enough adult animals to be considered a kennel, let alone a puppy mill! 

We welcome our families to not only visit our homes and see our dogs, but we also provide many videos and pictures of the puppies as they grow to give you a window into the lives our babies live.  

Please Note:  We have found in recent years that many breeders have resorted to the unethical business practice of falsely accusing their competition of being a puppy mill in order to sell puppies.  Not only does this create a sense of unprofessionalism to the prospective puppy buyer, but it is feeding negativity.   This is an unfortunate decision on their part, as it affects ALL of us in the end.    As responsible breeders, we should all uphold a sense of honor and support each other in deciding to preserve our breeds ethically and humanely.  Tossing around slanderous accusations to win sales will only backfire in the end.  Stay away from breeders who partake in such dishonest activities. If they have to lie to make a sale,  are they the breeder you want to support?

We are a drama-free breeder that fully supports our canine community in all aspects. We respect all breeds, breeders, and dog lovers alike! We believe in unity and working together to help rebuild the reputation of just how special ethical breeders are!  

Do you offer a health guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 5 year written health guarantee on all puppies! 


Do you ship?

We do not.  You are welcome to fly in to our airport and carry on, or we have a great flight nanny to connect you with!  

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