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​​About Us

A Breed Apart Coton de Tulears

We are a small home hobby breeder that specializes in breeding  quality puppies.  Our dogs are raised indoors, underfoot and are our family pets.  We have limited litters a year.



Drama-Free Professional Breeders of Conscience!

Thanks for visiting our site, we are so glad you stopped by to meet us!  We are  friends that work together to produce the healthiest, happiest little puppies on the planet!   We are retired grandparents; raising our beloved dogs is our passion.  Our Adults are our pets first, and have full run of the house, as do our puppies.  We raise limited litters a year, and provide lifetime support and friendship to our families.  We believe in the Golden Rule; treating others as we would like to be treated.  We may be small, but our hearts are big!  When you adopt a puppy from us, you become part of our family.  As ethical breeders, we feel it is important to provide excellent customer service in a professional and caring manner, while focusing on what matters most---raising our puppies. For us, raising puppies isn't about making sales, it's about bringing joy to families, and appreciating the journey along the way.  We choose to allow each puppy to speak to us, knowing when we respect our pup's individual needs, the perfect home will always reveal itself!  We feel our philosophy in life spills over into our breeding program.  We have never had ONE person who was less than thrilled with their A Breed Apart puppy.   We've made many friends over the years, thanks to our beloved Cotons.  The postive energy they add to our homes is priceless. 


At A Breed Apart, we are passionate about our dogs and the puppies we produce.  We are dedicated to the preservation of these enchanting rare dogs from the Mediterranean, and we  think you find they are as wonderful as we do!

We know that choosing the breeder of your new puppy is no light decision, so we gathered together important info about us and our breeding program, so you can get to know us and how we raise our puppies.  We are not a large kennel facility with high-priced puppies, but a small home breeder that chooses to share this wonderful breed with a select few families a year, at affordable prices.   In staying small, our puppies receive lots of attention and socialization in our homes, and our adults have the privilege of being our house pets in a healthy clean environment, free of disease.  Our focus is on the joy or raising quality puppies and sharing the Coton with the world.
We welcome you to A Breed Apart, and hope you enjoy learning about us! Once you have browsed through our pages, if you would like to be considered for our waiting list, please fill out the adoption application to get started!


Anita Ascolese

A Breed Apart



We look forward to getting to know your family and helping you choose your new baby!
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