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Hi ,

I hope all is well with you! I can't believe it has been 2 years since we got Rocko from you! I haven't sent an update in a while, attached is a picture. In the pic Rocko is on the right, Cuba (havanese) on left - they are the best of friends! Hasn't he changed from his early days as Cedric? (When he looked like Elvis haha) He is a fun, energetic, rough and tumble kind of dog, but lives to be near me. My faithful companion. It is funny, Rocko barks a fair amount (we are working on that, and he is improving) but when he gets too crazy I will pick him up and he will fall immediately asleep - like a tired, overstimulated toddler. He is usually very busy keeping us safe from delivery trucks, dogs walking by, and the dreaded school bus! It is a big job and he takes it very seriously. ;) Rocko keeps us laughing - he cannot play without grunting, groaning, or play growling. He loves water and knows how to turn the water on in one of our tubs! It is too tall for him to get in so he just watches the water flow and makes monkey noises trying to get me to put him in! I keep meaning to post a video of his antics on youtube but never get to that. Such a sweet, fun and lovable guy. Lastly, he still loves to watch TV and if a dog shows up he has to go stand up next to the TV to bark and get a better look. His favorite show is "The science of dogs", no kidding. Well, those are some of the "Adventures of Rocko". I hope they made you smile. He is a wonderful dog and we couldn't love him more. Thank you for bringing him into the world and for selling him to us!


Warm regards, Lisa


Here is a cute pic of Rocko wearing his bow tie for the Animal Humane Society Gala Fundraiser. Fyi - He has a sister now - Cuba is an 8 mo old Havanese and they adore each other. Will send a pic of us all. Hope you are well!


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