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Our Dogs

The amazing Royal Dog of Madagascar, the Coton de Tulear


​The Coton  are a rare, amazing breed with quite a magical history.  They are like a big dog in a small package; perfect for families on the go, city dwellers or RVers!  These rare breeds have virtually no health issues to speak of and come in a varitey of colors!  We often tell people, "Cotons  are like a box of chocolate, you can never have just one!".  Whether you are adopting your first or adding to your family, The  Coton  are the most special dogs on the planet!

Did we mention that The Coton de Tulear  are considered  a hypo-allergenic breed?  That's right!  They are a wonderful consideration for allergy sufferers.  Often referred to as little 'clown dogs', they are notorious for entertaining their family with their darling antics.  Easy to train, easy to love.    Ready to meet our  little moppets?  Click the following pages under this tab and be prepared to ooooh and ahhhhh!

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