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Meet our Parents

Now producing rare colored lines from the original colorations of Madagascar!

These are the adult dogs and parents of our puppies.  Our original lines have produced some wonderful show puppies over the years and originated from the very best show kennels in the world.  We have lines out of the world's best kennels, including Woodland Cottage.  

Breeders Code of Ethics

With a focus is on health and preserving the breed standard of our beloved breeds, (we don't believe you can possibly IMPROVE the amazing Coton de Tulear) we have chosen these special dogs, not only for their wonderful genes, but for their temperaments and qualities that will exemplify the breed.  Our original lines were carefully chosen from European and Domestic breeders to ensure a wide gene pool for the best health and vigor of our little breed.  

Not just any dog can make a good mother!  We raise our potential parents from puppy-hood, watching how they interact with other dogs and puppies.  If we see signs of aggression, lack of nurturing instinct or any negative personality trait, we will not use them in our breeding program.  To us, not only health and beauty are important in raising puppies, but temperament and disposition.  Our dogs are an important part of our family.  They are beloved friends to us!  In order to remain small and ensure each dog has the opportunity to live as a pet in a family home--not a kennel--we share our dogs and are partners in preserving our wonderful A Breed Apart line.  We carefully plan and share our dogs to maintain a small, hobby breeding program.  

"We are small and exclusive, and our dogs are our family pets.  Never raised in a kennel, always the center of our homes and hearts. That's A Breed Apart Coton de Tulears "

Meet Chachi, he is the son of Sammy and lives in a guardian home.  He is sweet, interactive and lots and lots of fun.  We are so excited for the new generation of A Breed Apart Cotons!


Blue Diamond Cotons "Siri"

Meet our newest little girl, another incredibly marked Coton who will carry these colorful  rare genes. She is a sweet natured girl and has been very easy to train.  Looking forward to the newest generation of A Breed Apart babies with this little one!


A Breed Apart's  "Lily" 

Lily is the sweetest little dog and a wonderful devoted mommy!  She is so devoted and plays with her puppies until the day they leave, a very special trait that we adore.  What a wonderful personality to pass down to her puppies.    She has personality plus, she is playful and happy, and loves to retrieve, too! 

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