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Our Vaccination Schedule



Vaccinations for puppies are a controversial subject in veterinary science as well as for responsible breeders.  


As responsible breeders, we are aware of what vaccines can cause harm to our breeds.  It is at this time that we remind our families that if the LEPTO OR CORONA vaccine are given to your puppy, the health guarantee is voided.


Vaccinating practices vary and involve the following factors:


1. Your puppy's environment

2. Your puppy's age when he received his first shot

3. The interval between vaccines

4. The kinds and types of vaccines best for your area of the country


In addition, the veterinarian's (and breeders) training, beliefs and opinions also play into this.  The first point to consider should be safety. Vaccines can be harmful and we should be vaccinating because the advantages outweigh the risks. Too early, the immunities received from the mother will neutralize the vaccine and little to no protection will be the result.  Remember vaccination at 6 weeks will delay the timing of the first highly effective vaccine.  Vaccinations given 2 weeks apart suppress rather than stimulate the immune system.


We do not vaccinate until 8 weeks of age, and then again at 12, 16 weeks and at one year

We do not recommend the Lepto portion for our breed.

AAHA recommended Vaccines for dogs:


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED(Core diseases/vaccinations)

Rabies, Parvovirus, Distemper, Adenovirus-2


OPTIONAL (Non-core)

Bordatella, Corona, Para-influenza (if given in combination with the core vaccines)



Leptospirosis and

Distemper-Measles (given to puppies only)




Corona virus, Giardia, Adenovirus-1 and Leptospirosis (Due to adverse reaction within our breed.  Instead, have your vet treat the dog asap if it is suspect of contracting this bacterial infection).

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