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Acquiring a Coton  & Our Adoption Policies

We are so glad you dropped in to see our puppies  and hope you take a moment to read about our breeding program and Policies.  We are very passionate about our beautiful breed and take exceptional care of our dogs and puppies.  We plan litters around our waiting lists and show schedules, so be sure to check in with us if you are interested in a show potential or pet puppy--we would love to talk with you!

Breeding Program & Policies:

Our first love is our dogs, therefore their health is paramount in our breeding program.  All adults receive regular vet exams and health screening, wormings,  maintained in healthy weight and regularly groomed.  They are raised on healthy PawTree food and supplements.  We know that the puppies we produce are the direct result of proper breeding and healthy lines.   All of our potential parents must pass preliminary health screening and also have a background without illness or issues common to their breed.  

How our dogs are raised:

At A Breed Apart,  we are passionate about our dogs and they are the center of our lives.  All of our dogs are raised in our home, around children of all ages, other dogs, and cats! Our adult dogs  are our family pets first  and foremost, and are a part of our family. All of our puppies are well socialized and litter box trained from 2 weeks old . 
Our puppies are born in our bedroom, where they are kept until their eyes and ears open. We handle the puppies daily to acquaint them to human touch.  On warm days the pups are brought outside to play in the puppy yard, and they are lovingly held and played with every day they are 'living at home'. We have found this it be imperative in raising well socialized puppies. These early weeks mold and create the personality your puppy will have for the rest of its life with you. Would you want to trust that crucial development phase with a puppy mill or kennel where puppies are unfamiliar with human touch?

The puppies available for adoption will be featured on the Puppy Nursery page. If you are interested in any of these darling babies, please click on the contact us page to send us an email.
Please refer to our Announcements Page for our Procedures in adopting a puppy.

Adoption Prices:
Coton de Tulear  Puppies
$3000 for Pet Contracts 

AKC or ACA Registration Papers held until proof of alter has been submitted from YOUR veterinary office.  Puppies sold with limited registration only.
Breeding & Show Contract (to approved breeders only ~ contact us for current contract pricing before submitting deposit.)

Information about your Deposit:

Please be sure to think over the decision of adopting a puppy, as the $400.00 deposit is non-refundable. If you choose to back out, the deposit is your forfeit.

We accept Credit Card Payments through Paypal:
We accept PayPal for payments, for our family's convenience.  Paypal does charge a 3% fee that does not go to us, that makes the deposit total via PayPal $409.  Once you have been accepted for our waiting list, you can submit your deposit via PayPal or check- which we will discuss during the application process.   You will receive a confirmation email from Paypal when payment has completed.

Applications are dated the day deposits are received, and we will send out an email to verify that the deposit was received. First pick of puppies is made in the order of deposits received.


Vaccination and Worming Schedule:

We also vaccinate and worm our puppies while they are with  us, and send a record with our puppies for you to show your vet. We recommend regular fecal exams to check for worms, as parasites are a common occurrence with dogs, and can become a serious problem if not taken care of properly. Puppies love to chew on anything--and everything--in site, and parasites are easily transmitted in those circumstances.
We vaccinate our pups at weeks 8, 12, 16, and worm them from 4 weeks old. Please visit our page about vaccinations for a detailed explanation.  We also use a preventative for Coccidia, if needed, which can be easily transmitted to other animals.

Our Breeding Program:

Our original breeding lines came from excellent breeders that have provided us with genetic backgrounds on each dog to aid in our breeding program.  We researched for years to find the best  breeding stock for our breeding program, and are very pleased with our wonderful animals.  We are firm believers in adding new bloodlines into our lines to ensure healthy puppies and a wide gene pool for our  very rare breeds.   We do not believe in selective choosing for the breed from one region/area and not another.  This completely eliminates the opportunity to a diverse gene pool from the lines overseas.   Many healthy breeds have been destroyed by well-meaning breeders and breed clubs that limit the gene pool and literally breed themselves into a corner.  This is why we work diligently to preserve our very healthy gene pool within our breeding program.  We have not found a club that is without strong opinions about excluding other  lines, and until  ALL clubs can agree and combine into one club for the betterment of the beloved Coton, we will not be partaking in any of them. We refuse to be a detriment to our breed by limiting our options to only the gene pools available from a club, and instead focus on making wise educated decisions with the opportunity to select new dogs from all over the world.

All of our dogs have excellent health, stature, bloodlines and temperaments, with no genetic disorders to speak of. We have done our very best to ensure healthy puppies and also provide a written 5 year health guarantee.  

We are not a large breeding facility or puppy mill~ we are small home hobby breeders. All our adult dogs---as well as the puppies, are well cared for and a part of our family; we are very proud of our babies and raise them with the best of care!

Shipping & Delivery:

NEW! FREE Delivery within WA state - weather pending

If you live out of state, you can pick up the puppy and fly back with the crate under the seat as a carry on.
We do not ship our puppies 

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