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Puppy Nursery
We love to share our beautiful babies with you!

All selections are performed via EMAIL with our current waiting list, and this page is for sharing pictures of our litters. 


Available puppies will be announced via email.  We have limited litters a year, planned around our show and family schedules.  We raise our puppies in our homes with the utmost of care. Every litter is planned carefully to ensure we have set aside our busy schedules to properly rear our little Cotons.   Our puppies are born in our bedroom and handled daily.  They have scheduled play times in the living room, kitchen and are held often to build strong bonding instincts with humans.  Many breeders do not emphasize or understand the importance of early stimulation and socialization to humans, and we feel our expertise in this area produces extremely socialized puppies with  exceptional results!  Socialization is paramount in our breeding program, and our families are always amazed at the lovely temperaments of their little babies.  Each and every puppy is individually handled, snuggled and loved from birth to the day they leave our home using our unique socialization program.  We perform personality testing between 5-6 weeks old to help determine the best home environment for each puppy.  Choosing will be after we have determined if the puppy is a SHOW POTENTIAL.    

When a litter is born we will announce it via email, to the waiting list. 

The waiting list will be able to choose from each litter once we have determined personality.  All selections are in the order of deposits placed.  

We perform all placements via EMAIL, including picture and video updates.  

{Accepting deposits for upcoming planned litters in 2023!}

For current updates on litters, email us using our contact page.  We love to talk Cotons!

Previous Litters of darling Coton de Tulear pups from  A Breed Apart! 
(All in their forever homes)


Coton de Tulear Puppy Pricing:

Pet Contract (Spay Neuter) $3,000 includes FREE delivery to Western Wa (weather permitting)



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