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Minty's family, The Scherer's, have shared with us that Minty is fitting in perfect in their home.  They like bike riding and hiking and MInty loves the outdoors!


Hi Jannice,

I just wanted to let you know we are loving our dog Zorro, now named Minty! Here are a few pics of his new life with us. We're working on socializing him.  So far we've introduced him to neighbor dogs, dogs at soccer practices, we've taken him on bike rides, and we're working on him walking on his leash where he wears a training harness.

He's a great match for our family. He is a very, very patient dog with the kids and he is starting to walk to the door to let us know he needs to go to the bathroom. He is so friendly with all people. And he can run up our stairs now, still working on gong down them. He sleeps in his home crate each night and he is already used to that. He is starting to get used to riding in the car with me while  I run errands too.




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