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A Breed Apart Coton de Tulears, Spokane Washington

We are  small a Hobby Breeder specializing in home-raised, RARE colored Coton de Tulears

Welcome to our
Coton de Tulear Home!

A  PNW Coton de Tulear Breeder that follows the Golden Rule!


At A Breed Apart, we truly live by the Golden Rule. We are honest, ethical, and professional breeders of the Coton de Tulear from Madagascar. We love our little Coton de Tulear dogs and chose the breed for its hypoallergenic, non-shedding coat, healthy gene pool, and delightful temperament. Plus, the Coton has no doggy odor!

Our Cotons  have been developed from the World's top lines and our dogs are our pets, first and foremost, raised in our homes.  Cotons are the perfect family companion, and they also are great candidates for therapy training!


Today, we are still as passionate about our dogs as we were on the first day we met them.  While there are many breeders nowadays raising the Coton breed, we feel as small hobby breeders, we can offer a personal touch to the rearing of our puppies while maintaining the quality lines that produce excellent health and temperament.   We are not a large kennel facility or puppy mill with puppies available at all times, but small hobby breeders who offer a couple well-planned litters a year for our discriminating clients who appreciate the home environment our dogs are raised in.   We don't believe in big breeding facilities and only raise well-socialized and beloved family companions.   The amount of joy our dogs bring to our lives is priceless, however, we don't over-price our puppies!  We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the Coton de Tulear as much as we do!


We told ourselves years ago, we would continue to raise our dogs until it wasn't fun anymore.   For us, breeding has never been about making money --- it's about the love of our breed and sharing it with the world! 


.....and we are still having a blast!

We welcome you to browse the pages of our site, and learn about our unique little breed from Madagascar ....


We Specialize in Raising
The Coton de Tulear ​from Madagascar:


  • Small, sturdy, non-shedding & hypoallergenic​​

  • Perfect for families with children, empty-nesters, traveling, therapy training

  • The Ultimate Companion!

"Cotons are like chocolates, you can never have just one!"

This is Sevi from Tootsie and Chewy’s last litter,  a Novice in the AKC program - at 6 months. 

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